Membership and Racing Information

Download and fill out your membership application and follow the submittal directions.

TKC Membership Application – PDF-Download

More About Membership and Race Events

Event Entry Fees

The race entry fee for each driver is $40 for members, and now $50 for non-members. This includes the driver’s pit pass.

All drivers may enter additional classes for a fee of $20.00 per additional class entered.

Spectator pit passes for are $8. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Transponders may be rented for $10. Mounts for transponders may be purchased for $10 at the track. (Note that all competitors must have an approved transponder.)

Event Sign-In Requirements

Minor drivers must have a Parental Consent Release Form signed by their parent or legal guardian (available at the track).

All persons entering the pits must sign a release form and purchase a pit pass.


Refunds & Cancellations

No entry fee will be returned after the driver makes one lap of practice or of the race. NO RETURN OF PIT PASS FEES AT ANY TIME. If the race is called before any heats are run, any entries or pit passes sold will be honored at the next scheduled club race. You must present your pass at the next event for them to be honored. If a race is terminated before the completion of all three heats, because of rain or other conditions, finishing position for the day will be determined by the heats completed in each class. Club races will not be ran in the rain. Decision to race or cancel will be made as soon as possible and no later than the normal starting time.

Annual Membership Dues and Rules

Annual membership dues are $200.00 for a family membership. Includes drivers and immediate family members under 18 years of age. Memberships expire Dec. 31 each year.

There will be no special membership offered to Fun Karts.

Members are entitled to practice at JRP as often as they like for no additional fee, but must yield to JRP’s rental kart operation as needed. Any members practicing must sign in at the lock box located near the race registration building or risk being barred from the facility.

Application for Membership

Application for membership forms are available at the track during race events, or can be downloaded from the links above. Submitted forms must be printed, filled out and signed, and accompanied by a dues payment in full.

See the Contacts page for details on contacting an official with any questions.


Voting at membership meetings is limited to TKC members only. If a member has a driver other than himself, either may vote, but not both. Only one individual per membership may vote.

Member Meetings are tentatively scheduled to occur between the year-end Awards Banquet and the start of the season each year

Race Assistance

Members will be required to assist in the club race day operations such as corner worker, etc. during times when they or their driver is not racing.


Unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of any driver or crew including bad talk, obscene signs or fighting will subject the driver to disqualification for the day. In addition the driver and/or crew member may be suspended for a period of time to be determined by the Board of Directors. No alcoholic drinks or illegal drugs are permitted in the pits during the race program.