TKC Classes of Competiton

Tulsa Kart Club Class Structure

Download TCK Classes of Competition

Kid Kart Spec. Chassis 5-8 Honda GXH50 HPD 160
Junior 1 – 2 Cycle Cadet or full size 8-12 Gazelle 60 TAG 230

Mini Swift & Mini ROC 60 TAG

All Other 60 TAG



Junior 1 – LO206

Junior 2 – LO206

Cadet F

Full size



LO206 Green Slide

LO206 Gold Slide



Senior – LO206 Light Full Size 12-Up** LO206 Black Slide 325
Senior – LO206 Full Size 12-Up** LO206 Black Slide 375
Senior Hvy. LO206*** Full Size 15-Up LO206 Black Slide 415
TAG 100 cc Full Size 12-Up** ROK VLR 39mm 350
ROK VLR 29mm 325
IAME KA 39mm 370
IAME KA 39mm 370
IAME KA 25mm custom


  1. TKC Management has the right to determine class eligibility of anydriver.
  2. Class weights, etc. may be adjusted as deemed necessary by TKCOfficials.
  3. Additional classes may be added, if a minimum of three entries register to compete for anevent.
  4. Classes unable to maintain a minimum average of three entries may be dropped from the schedule by TKCOfficials.
  5. Weights listed above are official minimum weights each kart and driver must meet when exiting the track per Part 1, Section 6.16 of this document, based on their class & engine combination.

** All 12-14 age drivers must be approved by TKC Officials to compete in the class. LO206 Sr. Light may not compete in the yellow slide Jr. class.

*** Sr. Hvy. LO206 may compete and be scored with Sr. LO206. SR. Hvy. Class may use Briggs World Formula coil Part No. 557125. All other Sr. LO206 specifications apply. Driver must weigh minimum of 225# to be eligible for this class.